Privacy Policy

    1. Source of information
    At DIGITAL OASYS Web site (hereafter, “this site”), we may ask you to register your mail address and/or user name for some contents. Such information is used limitedly only for confirmation and reference. Also in this site, cookies are used for information gathering of some contents, and such cookies are stored in user’s PC. However, any of such information like mail-address and user name that can specify each individual is not contained in the PC at all. In this site, we may use such information to analyze what services users are interested in, or how efficiently Web ad is distributed. If you feel some resistance for such information gathering by cookies, you can set up to reject such cookie on your Web browser. Please note, however, that in such case some services may not work properly depending upon contents.
    2. Our use of your personal information
    Some information registered in this site may be used to develop and/or provide much more attractive and valuable service. We don’t disclose any private information to the third parties without permission by user him/herself except legal requirement.
    3. Sharing of your information
    Some information registered by users in this site may be shared in our network in some cases to inform users that he / she has already registered his/her name or other information. Of course we never intentionally disclose such private information to any individuals and to entities.
    4. Notes in community
    In this site, very close attention is paid on privacy. Please note, however, that if users voluntarily register their private information on such social community sites like bulletin board, easily accessible by other users, these is possibility that such information may be unintentionally used by others. So please acknowledge that such information registered in other place than this site prepares are exemption of privacy protection and therefore should be responsible by users themselves.

Exemption Matter

    All information except some in this site is provided at free. Therefore please check by users themselves upon their responsibility for such like suitability for users’ demand, accuracy of information, permission for coping and making duplication, and obligation on legal matters (copy right, confidential agreement, defamation, maintenance of quality, export regulation and so on). Also this site does not guarantee any quality on information provided and thus we are not responsible at all any damage stemming from discontinuance and /or defect of dissemination. We never guarantee at all any contents of Web sites and software introduced in this site.