COIN PC Easy and convenient. Just only by one coin at any time.

The internet is indispensable for active modern people.
The “Coin PC" makes it possible to use PCs readily even when going out.
The Coin PC makes it possible via insertion of one coin at any place to check mail,
to gather information, to write and / or amend business documents.
In addition to the enhancement of hardware and software, users' privacy is completely protected by the safety system, including the automatic history deletion program.
Why don’t you make use of the “Coin PC" when on business or vacation, at the hotel or airport.

What's New !

Features of COIN PC

    The Coin PC has a variety of uses.
    It’s easy to use: just inserting a coin in the PC. Easy and convenient: That is our Coin PC service.
    Users’ privacy is also protected.
    To protect users’ privacy and data, a comprehensive safety system is installed.
    With this safety system, all user history and data is deleted automatically.
    Satisfactory hardware and software.
    Not only is high-speed internet access available,
    but also a variety of application software including business software are pre-installed.
    Also the PC comes equipped with a card reader applicable for major memory devices.
    Printer is available.
    Printing is easy, including documents made in Excel and Word,
    thus eliminating the necessity of returning to the office for minor amendments and changes.
    (Please check our shop list for details of printer specifications that vary depending upon the hotels.)
    The Coin PC can be used for a variety of purposes: from business to leisure.
    To check E-mail on business trip !
    To urgently make or amend business documents !
    To print leisure information and sightseeing maps around the hotels !
    To arrange and / or classify digital photos at a sightseeing spot.

Software installed

    Windows XP or higher
    Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint )
    Those are Microsoft’s officially licensed packages for the third party use,
    and thus it can be used smoothly without any worries for licensing.
    Windows Media Playar
    Adobe Reader
    Anti-virus software