Hotel de PC (R) Safety and comfortable rental PC service

The PC is indispensable for the modern lifestyle. However, carrying a PC during travel is a heavy burden. Our PC rental service, “Hotel de PC” liberates travelers from the care and burden of carrying a PC. Thus, one can access the same internet environment as at the office or home with "Hotel de PC." “Hotel de PC” has a security system that is as complete and reliable as that in your office, and uses officially licensed “Office” software by Microsoft Corporation for third party use. Ease of use is promoted by an enhanced support system and a nationwide network with about 200 facilities. Travel light on your next business trip without carrying your own PC !


Features of “Hotel de PC”

    Easy to rent
    No special procedures or documentation are required.
    The PCs are rented at the time of check-in, and returned upon check out at the hotel front desk.
    Only a LAN cable connection is required in the room. That’s all.
    No special or complicated setting up procedures are required.
    Regular and popular application software has already been installed.
    Application software includes Office software, movie replay software and others are installed.
    Regarding Office software, those are Microsoft’s official licensed packages,
    and thus it can be used smoothly without any licensing worries.
    Don’t need to worry for security.
    Your privacy and important data are protected not only by anti-virus software,
    but also by the data deletion software that automatically deletes all data and histories in the PC
    by re-booting and/or by turning the power off.
    (Therefore, please always save your work and data in a memory device or in network storage.)
    Most of trouble is easily solved by toll free support call!
    Toll free support center is available for 24 hours for questions on “Hotel de PC” and trouble of equipment. You don’t have to worry any trouble with equipment since our specialists always correspond. Please feel free to use anytime.
    Toll free support center (24 hours) : 0120−840−454

Software installed

    Windows XP or higher
    Microsoft Office ( Word, Excel, PowerPoint )
    Those are Microsoft’s officially licensed packages for the third party use,
    and thus it can be used smoothly without any worries for licensing.
    Windows Media Playar
    MSN Messenger
    Adobe Reader
    Anti-virus software


    Q:Are private data and / or history left on the PC ?
    A:Please don’t worry. All data and history are automatically deleted by re-booting and / or by power-off.
    Q:Can we use E-mail ?
    A:Such mail system like Outlook Express that requires any set-up on the PC can’t be used.
    Please use such free-mail like Google, Yahoo and so on.
    Q:What is the officially licensed software ?
    A:Most of software, including application and OS like Windows, is likely to violate the use permission contract once they are provided to the many unspecified third parties as on the rental service. However,
    we make SPLA ( Service Provider License Agreemen t) contract with Microsoft Corporation,
    and thus are permitted for the third party use on rental.
    So all of our clients don’t need to worry for such license problem.